Zacharias, Sproul and Mohler on the Emerging/Emergent Church/Post-modernism




  1. Thank God for these men (and others) who have not abdicated their Christian responsibilities, convictions, and courage. Apathy is nonconfrontational. Love is confrontational. You mentioned this in your message on Sunday, Benji; and I am so thankful you value Truth above everything else.

  2. Thanks, Shelley. Its only by His grace. One of my greatest fears is to stand before the Almighty God and have to tell Him why I did not confront someone because of fear/worry of what they would think of me, when all of His power and grace was at my disposal to challenge them for their own good.

  3. what these men are saying in reality is not that profound–Truth is so clear, so wonderful, it is sad that these great thinkers have to actually take time to say it. I agree totally, 100% precent with them. I especially like the comment of ravi about where emergent thinking is coming from.
    As a pastor, I agree with mohler comment about the two men in the study. I have to give ANSWERS, not some fluff like maclean wants to use. But the really issue is, and I am waiting to hear how to attack it, but emergent is what people are shallowing hook line and sinker. How do we stop it. Why or why are the majority of people, including church leaders believing this junk.
    thank you for allowing me to vent–I see the damage this is doing and am heartsick over it

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