Home Schooling Outlawed in California

Never thought I’d see this coming. A California appeals court ruled yesterday that parents without teaching credentials cannot home school their own children. This is gonna get ugly. You can read more and find some great links at Denny Burk’s blog.



  1. I think this isn’t as bad as it seems. It is always good to ensure homemakers have some certification or training to ensure they are teaching according to established standards.

    I can go into one very close example where I saw a mom who basically hated and failed school keeping her kids home to “home school” but it was just an excuse for her to sleep in. The kids got up, did workbooks and then played video games all day as she “chatted” it up with her church group about how fantastic it all was.

    The net was anti-social, very uneducated teenagers

  2. hey buddy. I think this election is wrapped up. It will be Obama in November. Not sure what to think other than I hope he takes the role seriously and lives up to his hype for the economy.


  3. It is interesting that despite an absolutely dismal success rate by the presumably credentialed public school system (see “exit exam”), and a statistically superior one by the presumably uncredentialed homeschool crowd, somehow the focus turns on “credentials” (and ignores success).

    seems like someone is trying to save a job despite the real goal of education.

  4. and as the “established standards” in California appear to be: get them out alive and with a 4th grade vocabulary, and only a few gang affiliations… I am happy to hear that home schoolers are NOT following “established standards”.

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