Is Tithing Biblical?

D.A. Carson has a great response to this question, which you can read here.   My response is-   

  • 1} Try not to STRESS numbers and percentages like 10%  {in actuality, the Old Testament saint gave around 30%- so if you talk numbers, shoot for this one}. 

  • 2} STRESS adjectives and phrases from 2nd Corinthians 8-9 like “overflow in a wealth of generosity…” “gave according to their means…and beyond their means…” “readiness…”  “desire…” “for the glory of the Lord…” “sow bountifully…” “as you have decided in your heart, not relunctantly or under compulsion…” “cheerful…” “generous…”  


  1. I would have to say that no one ever minds giving, tithing, etc if they know it is going to help people. What I can’t understand is why people “tithe” or give to those commercial type churches that simply move the money to the staffs bottom line and give only a pence toward really helping the community.

    Examples: Hagee, Duplantis, Copeland, and Olsteen. Look at what they drive and how they dress…that is your tithe and giving at work.

    As for the dedicated people like Rabbi, I would fully support him in the MISSION. He is doing it because he is LED by God and wants to make a difference. He should be cared for by his church, family and friends. Stay strong Rabbi!

    Give to the church you are in and hold them accountable to help those who are down and out.


  2. Thanks Dave! I’ve been looking for something fresh for the site, which you’ve no doubt noticed by the frequent changes. Hopefully this one will stick for awhile.

    Loved the “Sweep the leg, Johnny!” quote… man that took me back!

  3. Hey, by the way; you should go to adn ping your website to all search engines everyday you post. It should increase your traffic after about 2 weeks of doing it.

    Thanks for all the movie tips, I am going to pick up many of them before heading out to the island this summer.

  4. I like the way Randy Alcorn approaches the subject when he says that the tithe is meant to be the floor, not the ceiling (if indeed still applicable).

    He also encourages us to send as much ahead as possible, so that we may have many treasures stored up in heaven.

    Without playing percentages, what if every Christian family in America had a budget, and that giving to church, missionaries and the poor was their largest budget category?

    Would that not be wonderful?

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