The Pastor As CEO/Leader/Insert Any Business Adjective Here

Michael Horton writes about the apostle Paul:”Who, having advertised for an outgoing team builder with a contagious personality, would have hired a pastor who openly disclosed the fact that he was not a great communicator, suffered everywhere he was sent, was nearly blind, and lacked the natural charisma of the “super-apostles,” who were only too happy to point out these weaknesses themselves?” Read the excellent article here. {HT: DB}     Also, Ruth Tucker weighs in on Jesus’ “failed” leadership. Both articles are well worth reading since our church culture values “pastorpreneurs” and “servant leadership” {which is usually clothed with secular business principles and values}. 



  1. I read the first article and find it enlightening, a good reminder. IF I could just keep in mind that it is always Christ and the Triune God Who are doing the work, then perhaps I would not be the least bit anxious about my performance or my success as a “leader.” (re: “Christ is serving us, building his kingdom, drawing people by his Spirit from the dominion of sin and death, leading them in ever-richer understanding of the gospel, extending that message and acts of love outward to the neighbor. The Triune God is the one creating a new world in the midst of this fading evil age, not simply keeping the old one going or dressing it up in perpetual innovation.”
    I look forward to reading the second article.

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