Convincing the Soul of All the Evil Of It

Some John Owen for your Monday…   “Let faith look on Christ in the gospel as He is set forth dying and crucified for us. Look on Him under the weight of your sins, praying, bleeding, dying; bring Him in that condition into your heart by faith; apply His blood so shed to your corruptions. Do this daily… And this is the first thing that the Spirit does in order to the mortification of any lust whatsoever–it convinces the soul of the evil of it, cuts off all its pleas, discovers all its deceits, stops all its evasions, answers its pretenses, makes the soul own its abomination and lie down under the sense of it…the Spirit alone brings the Cross of Christ into our hearts with its sin-killing power…”


One comment

  1. PRAISE THE LORD, O my soul! He is working within me, chiselling away at the hardened crust of tolerated sin surrounding my heart, stabbing my conscience with deep, sharp cuts. Not only mine, but those that I love. Keep working, Holy Spirit, make me holy as You are holy! Make me abhor my sin, make me desperate for righteousness, make me cling to You for You alone are worthy to need. You alone have sin-killing power. I beg you to use that power in me, and in those whom I love. And thank You, Spirit, for re-awakening the desire for holiness in my brother.

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