Month: April 2008

Friends of P

I’m always trying to read books that fall along these categories, thought I’d share them:

My five “P’s” of reading that help me, particularly as a pastor-

Preaching– I’m always reading books on preaching. Trying to be the best biblical communicator that I can be {of course I can do nothing apart from the Spirit}.

Pastoral– I’m always reading some book on pastoral ministry, what it means to be a pastor, how I can serve the flock, etc, etc…

Prayer– Can’t get enough of these books. Right now I’m working my way through “Power Through Prayer” by E.M. Bounds and have “The Secret Key To Heaven: The Vital Importance of Prayer” by Thomas Brooks {a Puritan} lined up next.

Puritans– Love reading the Puritans. Gotta keep these in the rotation.

People– Love reading good biographies and learning how people walked with the Lord.

These are the “P’s” that serve me as a pastor in reading…



Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down

“To attract people from our culture, some Christian churches depend on glitz and spectacle and technological tools, rather than on the strong, substantive declaration of the Word of God and its authoritative revelation for our lives.”

Marva Dawn- Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down: A Theology of Worship for the Turn-of-the Century Culture



Back In the Saddle Again…

Sorry folks. I’ve been away from the blog for an eternity. Been busy writing a thesis {The Tenth Commandment In Light of the Case Laws of Deuteronomy 24:17-25:16}, attended the Together For the Gospel conference with the staff here at CBC, fractured a finger getting the stroller out of the van {makes typing a thesis rather difficult}, got misdiagnosed and sent home, then was sent 2 weeks later to a hand specialist who confirmed the fracture and torn ligament which was completely missed by the first doctor/x-ray, awaiting a new finger splint, preparing for baby #4 {a girl!!!} due in a few weeks, and other family, church stuff, etc.

So, I’m back. Thought I’d post this VERY GRAPHIC video. One of my favorite books of the Bible {along with Deuteronomy and 2nd Corinthians} is Leviticus {not to be confused with the 80’s Swedish Christian band!}. I seriously love the book of Leviticus. This video helped me love it more. The graphic slaughtering of an animal has a way of demonstrating the depth of sin and one’s need of a Savior.

WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS GRAPHIC. To watch a video of a lamb being slain, click here.