Back In the Saddle Again…

Sorry folks. I’ve been away from the blog for an eternity. Been busy writing a thesis {The Tenth Commandment In Light of the Case Laws of Deuteronomy 24:17-25:16}, attended the Together For the Gospel conference with the staff here at CBC, fractured a finger getting the stroller out of the van {makes typing a thesis rather difficult}, got misdiagnosed and sent home, then was sent 2 weeks later to a hand specialist who confirmed the fracture and torn ligament which was completely missed by the first doctor/x-ray, awaiting a new finger splint, preparing for baby #4 {a girl!!!} due in a few weeks, and other family, church stuff, etc.

So, I’m back. Thought I’d post this VERY GRAPHIC video. One of my favorite books of the Bible {along with Deuteronomy and 2nd Corinthians} is Leviticus {not to be confused with the 80’s Swedish Christian band!}. I seriously love the book of Leviticus. This video helped me love it more. The graphic slaughtering of an animal has a way of demonstrating the depth of sin and one’s need of a Savior.

WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS GRAPHIC. To watch a video of a lamb being slain, click here.



  1. Hope the finger turns out okay. Welcome back!
    I watched the video. It was tough to watch and brutal. But so necessary. Was necessary! Praise God!

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