Resources For Sexual Purity/Lust

The Harris boys at have complied some great resources on sexual purity/lust. They link to many great articles on this topic as well as many others. Worth checking out, especially John Piper’s strategy for fighting lust {ANTHEM}.



  1. Absolutely effective message this morning, Benji. I thank God for it, even though– by the power of the Spirit– the words cut so sharply and deeply.
    I have begun re-reading another book by Jerry Bridges. In “The Gospel for Real Life” he explains that Paul instructs us to “count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus” (Romans 6:11). Bridges says Paul “is not telling us to dosomething but to believe something.”

    This strikes me forcefully because it is a very important distinction.

    Bridges also quotes Wiliam Romaine (born 1714):

    “No sin can be crucified either in heart or life, unless it be first pardoned in conscience, because there will be a want of faith to receive the strength of Jesus, by Whom alone it can be crucified. If it be not mortified in its guilt, it cannot be subdued in its power.”

    I will continue to pray for you, my brother. Not only thanking God for you and for Heather and for the gift of your family to our church, but also for your walk and for your sanctification.

    I think you are like me in that you are not hindered by Satan by being shackled with guilt for your sin, for I believe your knowledge of grace is accompanied by personal understanding and application. However, I will pray for you that you will maintain the strength to continually ask Jesus to crucify the sin that besets you. I hope you will pray the same for me.
    Thank you, also, for praying for my family and for our ministry.

  2. Shelley,

    Thank you for your kind words. And thank you for praying. The Word yesterday and Owen’s words to constantly be killing sin or it will be killing us are needed daily. His grace transforms!

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