Baby Tabitha!

The Lord was good to us this morning. At 8:01 a.m. Heather safely delivered our 4th child and 1st girl: Tabitha Ella Monet Magness. Mom and baby are doing great. Heather went natural as well! Truly the Lord has been good!

Thanks to ALL of you who have been praying.



  1. Congratulations Blackie and Heather for bringing a future female artist into the world. I know you guys are stoked to have a girl.

  2. Congratulations she is soooo beautiful. I can’t wait to see my new niece and way to go Heather. We are praying for you guys and miss you much. Love you all

  3. awesome guys! we’re so happy for you. glad everyone’s healthy and born. i think she kinda looks like ashie in the pic, but clacie says i’m crazy. heather, you look like you’re just a visitor in the hospital instead of the baby-passer. must be your inner light.

    we miss you bro but take as much time as you need with your fam. we’ll hit dd’s & starbucks when you get back.

    and keep having these babies so you can fight the muslims for us!

  4. As a grandfather here in Arcadia, CA, now with two granddaughters as of May 1, I can unequivocally say she is beautiful. The best thing is she has three big brothers that can protect her. Heather and Benji thank you for sharing such joy-Awesome.

  5. So Hey congratulations on our new little girl! Praise God that she is here and both mommy and daughter are well. I was praying for you and wondering when she’d come and then talking to mom this afternoon when she mentioned mid paragraph about your baby being born …and I had to back her up and get the lo down! Somehow I missed that text! Sorry I didn’t congratulate yall sooner. Whisper in Fabulous Tabulous’ ear that her aunt tiffy is happy she’s here and can’t wait to meet her sweetness! The girls and unk K. welcome her too. Your quivver is filling up bro! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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