More Baby Pics

Before the action began.

Heather and Tabitha, post-action.

Zech and Tabitha.

Jamin and Tabitha.

Asher and Tabitha.

Happy Daddy, not so happy Tabitha.

Our midwife Jane.



  1. Whoa … I felt like I was experiencing that bit where you look at the computer screen intently and then the scary image gets you.

    I’m seeing all these beautiful people with a beautiful baby and then a picture of a really scary guy!

    The picture says he’s the daddy. Well, God can do some amazing things, can’t he?


    Love ya, brother, and what a beautiful family he’s given you.

  2. Benji,

    You look like you but please tell Heather that she looks Great! I pity the poor boy who would not treat Tabitha with the utmost respect. Those three older brothers (and dad) will help keep all of her future prom dates in line!

  3. Great Pics. So happy for you guys to be blessed with Tabitha. One point to make it looks like every one in the pics knows NOT to pinch her except mom and dad. stop pinching her man…

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