greetings & bible software

OK, it is not something I’m even trying to hide anymore… I’m a nerd. I love bible software. It absolutely humbles me when I stop to consider that the generations that came before spent years diligently compiling information that I can reproduce in just a few moments with any number of bible software programs. 

The two programs I use on a weekly basis are Accordance Bible Software and Logos Bible Software. I roll with a MacBook Pro and am currently working very hard to dust off my Hebrew skills. 

I am excited to join amazing grey city. I have read all 423 posts over the last two years and I look forward to seeing how it will continue to take shape. Benji is one of the most creative, brilliant and passionate men I have ever met. He is a great teacher. A model husband. An inspiring father. An encouraging friend. 


So Benji, I begin in a predictable fashion: Bible Software.

I love these kind of posts… This answers the question of real life uses of Bible software. Any pastor or lay teacher of the Bible will certainly relate to the need to do such searches in the wild of the week as they eagerly, with fear and trembling, approach Sunday and the chance to stand before God’s people to proclaim God’s word.

If you are interested in seeing how the different options perform the same tasks, then check out this post…

BibleWorks, Logos, Accordance: Searching in Hebrew/Greek, Scanning/Context in English





  1. I wonder if Benji’s ready to come out with his computer nerdiness as well.

    Remember Benji at the Bethlehem pastors conference the night they were demonstrating the Logos computer slooge?

    The jocks (like myself) were mocking such tomfoolery, as we continue to use our hardcopies of the UBS4, just like Jesus did.

    Benji was just sitting there mesmerized, then started tearing up.

    While the rest of us reflected after the conference on the greatness of the preaching and the fellowship and the White Castles, Benji kept saying, “Logos is good. Praise be to God for Logos.”

    Incidentally, Ross, I fear you may be contributing to this malady!

  2. Hey now!
    Gunny, you must not know me well enough. I’ll admit to being a nerd, but a theological nerd, not a computer nerd. As it relates to computers, I am a “Mac Snob” now. I hate computers and the Mac makes life easy for me {NOTE: Master’s Seminary students will read/interpret that last sentence differently}. I prefer the hardback book over the computer any day…even though I do run Logos on my Mac and am about to get Accordance as well.

    The bottom line {pun intended}: its much easier to sit on the toilet and read your Greek UBS4 than it is to use Logos {pun intended} when you’re doing your business there…

  3. I love Accordance so much, that I’m using an ancient Mac to run it.

    BTW: My Performa 575 (ca. 1990’s) has outlived several PC’s that have slumped beside it at my desk.

  4. Way back in the day (i.e., early 90s) I used Logos and it was okay.

    I have Gramcord, but I don’t use it very often (mainly only if I want to cut & paste a sizable portion of Greek text. I couldn’t ever figure out how to get it on my Pocket PC, so I just use Pocket E-Sword, which is free. It’s the TR, which I don’t prefer, but it will do in a pinch.

    A “poor man’s option” is which has some Greek slooge on there.

    I’m sure I’m probably missing out BIG TIME by not being up on the Bible software, but I never really took the time to investigate all there is out there and what all it can do.

  5. Gunny, Oh Gunny… it is not too late my friend.
    Tell you what. I’ll trade some time with you. I’d love to pick your brain about preaching. You know, ask the questions I didn’t have when I was in seminary not preaching, but now am out of seminary, preaching and have no professors! In return the only thing I can offer is either my knowledge of good coffee and the fellowship to accompany, or an exciting discussion on the universe of bible software!

    You name the time.

  6. For what it’s worth, while I am a guest at the Porcelain Palace I use neither a UBS4 nor Logos….rather, as Jesus I’m sure did, I use the time to talk to the Father about another championship for His beloved Dallas Cowboys and LA Dodgers. (I don’t bother interceding for the Lakers because it seems to be a forgone conclusion and part of His immutable, sovereign will!)

  7. Hey… I’m going to be in Colorado Springs next Friday for an Accordance seminar. They just released version 8 of the software and it keeps getting better at every release.

    Anybody else planning on attending the seminar?

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