strangest fight

OK… Everything looks normal here in the beginning. Like you are going to see a good old fashion baseball brawl. But, then all of the sudden, you are in a different world.

Does anybody have any idea why that is happening?



  1. It is a long standing Asian tradition of dealing with anger and hostility. In there wars with the Samuri, Asians would revert to this “hop” ki do style of agression. Much to say they were no match for the sword of the opponent.

    Today, is is done to show homage toward their ancestors. Whomever loses their balance first and falls must buy all other participants on free round of saki.

  2. anything that results in a free round of Saki is good in my book. I think i will go have a glass right now, you can get about 30 or 40 different kinds at World Market.

    Plus the whole hopping thing is a great way to dispell aggression, as long as your opponent decides to hop too, rather than go for a good swift leg sweep. ouch!

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