Irving Bible Church & Women Preachers

Should women be allowed to preach in a church? What does Paul mean when he says women are not to teach or exercise authority over men? {1st Timothy 2:11-12}

This has been a debate for years and centralized now, particularly in Dallas, as evidenced by some churches opening up and having women preach to congregations.

Denny Burk recently blogged about Irving Bible Church and their elder’s decision to have women fill the pulpit. You can read about that here: First Female Preacher at Irving Bible Church.

The Dallas Morning News ran an article last week discussing this. You can read that here: Woman’s turn in pulpit at Irving Bible Church brings buzz, beefs

Denny Burk also debated the topic with Irving Bible Church’s pastor, Andy McQuitty, on Monday evening on Barry Creamer’s radio program “Live from Criswell.” This is well worth the listen. 

For you dedicated readers, I thought I’d let you know that I called in to the show to speak my mind…about 45 minutes into the program. You can listen or download here: Radio Debate with the Pastor of IBC



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