Several bloggers {Z,WT}  are doing this today, so I thought I’d follow suit. Go to your iPod or iTunes and hit shuffle and see what songs pop up. I’m listing the first 10. What does this list say about me?

1. Keep the Car Running- The Arcade Fire

2. 14th Street- Rufus Wainright

3. She Lost Feeling in the Ends of Her Fingers- Linford Detweiler 

4. Making Plans- Dolly Parton w/ Porter Wagoner 

5. Every Dreadlocks- Black Uhuru 

6. Elle S’ En Va- Camille

7. Nikita- Elton John 

8. Riffs and Variations On a Single Note for Jelly Roll, Earl Hines, Louis- Sufjan Stevens 

9. What I’m Fighting For- Matisyahu

10. Turnaround- Guradian



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