Month: January 2009

The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards- Steven J. Lawson

I am beginning my year of reading for 2009. This year I am focusing exclusively on Jonathan Edwards. I’ll be consuming as many works by him and about him.¬†


I just finished reading The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards by Steven J. Lawson.

In this book, Dr. Lawson examines the life of Jonathan Edwards through the lens of his infamous 70 Resolutions, which he penned as a teenager {!!} with the hopes of guiding him in every area of his life. This book is an easy read with Edwards’ Puritan English being further explained by Dr. Lawson. I would highly recommend it, as it will challenge you to live more for Christ.

“The ultimate goal of this book is to challenge a new generation of believers to pursue holiness in their daily lives.” Steven Lawson

Begging Exegetes

“We are guilty of arrogance, not merely neglect, when we fail to beg for the Spirit’s help in the study of Scripture. We may even have such arrogance even when we seem to be seeking the Spirit’s aid- I think of those times when in a light-headed tokenism we utter our slap-happy prayer that the Lord would ‘guide and direct us as we study this passage.’ One shudders to think how flippant we are. But how many more times we neglect any overt seeking of the Spirit’s help!…

Deep into our study time the thought occurs to us that we have not looked- nor did we think of looking- to the God who breathed out this Scripture to give us an understanding of the Scripture. He will likely give that understanding through the tools we use, but when we use tools while neglecting Him the tools have become idols…

Yet in our own Scripture work we easily ignore its chief Interpreter. Professionalism rather than piety drives us. We needn’t be surprised at our sterility and poverty if we refuse to be beggars for the Spirit’s help…

We must begin with the Spirit and we must not only begin with him but we must keep returning to him again and again. We always must begin with begging…”

~Dale Ralph Davis, The Word Became Fresh 

The Expository Genius of John Calvin- Steven J. Lawson


I just finished reading The Expository Genius of John Calvin by Steven Lawson. In this book, Dr. Lawson {Sr. Pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama} focuses on the particulars of Calvin’s preaching: his style, how he prepared sermons, techniques of his exegetical work, interpretation, and application to his congregation. Overall, 32 distinctives of Calvin’s preaching are covered.

For those in pulpit ministry, I highly recommend this book. It is an easy read {142 pages} and very devotional, but challenging!

“The aim of this book is to raise the bar for a new generation of expositors.” Steven J. Lawson