What’s Changing the World?

Time released it’s top 10 ideas changing the world right now {read it here}

#3 may surprise you! It brought me joy!



  1. Dude,

    We’re changing the world … and the world is noticing! Nice! Keep teaching and changing the world one person at a time.

  2. Praying for my shepherd: that he would have a discerning mind to know who is a sheep; that he would have a thick skin; that he would keep his humorous outlook. That he wouldn’t be hammered; that he would keep a tender heart, that he would keep his humble disposition, that when criticisms are true, he would repent. That he would look at a criticism for a kernel of truth to be sanctified by.

    Praying that he would have an encouraging family, that his wife would endure all the criticism, and backbiting, and people who would use her to get influence, and that she would remain close to Jesus and be a place of refreshment for her husband, remembering that part of her job is to keep her husband from despair, by not always agreeing with him but agreeing that she will always be for him.

    Praying for his children as people take shots at his family. That his children would not go astray.

    Praying that at least one of the elders in the church is a good sniper. That he could spot people who are trying to take down the pastor.

    Praying that my shepherd would keep his evangelistic devotion, that he would not just feed the sheep, but that he would continue to love the lost. That he would not be tempted to waste his time checking ratings and overlook Paul’s admonition to do the work of an evangelist. That he wouldn’t be so buried in firefights that he can’t see more people become sheep.

    Praying for my shepherd, that he would retain selective hearing, that he would listen to the elders, that he would always welcome into his life more good counsel. That he would know who to listen to, who to heed, and who to not listen to.

    Finally, I am praying, thanking God for my shepherd and his wife, and their family.

    [per prescription by Mark Driscoll, “How Sharp The Edge? Christ, Controversy and Cutting Words;” found in John Piper’s blog, “Desiring God” September 27, 2008.]

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