The Milk of Faith


Life in this fallen world can be hard. You know that. And so do I. So how do we stay afloat when “sorrows like sea billows roll?” I’ve been reading All Things for Good by Puritan Thomas Watson and he teaches us how-

Are we in great trouble? There is a promise that works for our good, ‘I will be with him in trouble’ (Psalm 91:15). God does not bring His people into troubles, and leave them there. He will stand by them; He will hold their heads and hearts when they are fainting. And there is another promise, ‘He is their strength in the time of trouble’ (Psalm 37:39). ‘Oh,’ says the soul, ‘I shall faint in the day of trial.’ But God will be the strength of our hearts; He will join His forces with us. Either He will make His hand lighter, or our faith stronger…

Question. How do the promises work for good?

Answer. They are food for faith; and that which strengthens faith works for good. The promises are the milk of faith; faith sucks nourishment from them, as the child from the breast. ‘Jacob feared exceedingly’ (Genesis 32:7). His spirits were ready to faint; now he goes to the promise, ‘LORD, thou hast said thou wilt do me good’ (Genesis 32:12). This promise was his food. He got so much strength from this promise, that he was able to wrestle with the Lord all night in prayer, and would not let Him go till He had blessed him. (pp. 16-17)

We can stay afloat when “sorrows like sea billows roll” because God is our strength. We can know that we will not faint because God joins His forces with us. We can endure whatever it is that we are going through because God will either make His hand lighter or He will make our faith stronger. And He does all of this through His promises. We get strength through the promises because they are the food of faith, the milk of faith.

So find a promise in God’s word and suck nourishment from it. Like a fussy, nursing child, find a promise in God’s word and let it settle you, let it calm you. The promises of God in Scripture are the milk of faith. Find one and let it nourish you.



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