I’m So Stupid!


How about a prayer by John Calvin? He is one of my heroes, you know. No, I haven’t “invited John Calvin into my heart” (I think I heard Richard Pratt say that once). John Calvin’s theology has helped to shape mine and that’s why I thought I’d share one of his prayers with you.

“Grant, Almighty God, since during our pilgrimage in this world we have daily need of the teaching and government of Thy Spirit, that with true modesty we may depend on Thy Word and secret inspiration and not take too much on ourselves.

Grant, also, that we may be conscious of our ignorance, blindness, and stupidity, and always flee to Thee, and never permit ourselves to be drawn aside in any way by the cunning of Satan and of the ungodly.

May we remain so fixed in Thy truth as never to turn aside from it whilst Thou dost direct us through
the whole course of our vocation, and then may we arrive at that heavenly glory that has been obtained for us through the blood
of Thine only begotten Son. Amen.”

That’s not a bad prayer to pray! How markedly different my life would be if I learned to pray that I would be conscious of my stupidity! I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve done some stupid things in my life. Sadly, I have been woefully ignorant, blind, and stupid. But thank God for Jesus!


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