“But he would feed you with the finest of the wheat, and with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” Psalm 81:16

In last week’s sermon (“It Will Cost You Dear, Dear Christian!”) I mentioned a book by Puritan Thomas Wilcox (1621-1687) titled Honey Out of the Rock. The title is taken from Psalm 18. In this short, easy-to-read book, Wilcox stresses the importance of looking outward to Jesus alone for everything. He warns against the dangers of looking inward for anything in the Christian life. Here are a few quotes and link to where you can read it for free-

When you believe and come to Christ, you must leave behind you your own righteousness, and bring nothing but your sin: (Oh, that is hard!) leave behind all your holiness, sanctification, duties, humbling, and so on; and bring nothing but your wants and miseries…

Whatever comes in when you go to God for acceptance, besides Christ, call it anti-Christ; bid it be gone; make only Christ’s righteousness triumphant.

When Satan charges sin upon the conscience, then for the soul to charge it upon Christ, that is gospel-like; that is to make Him Christ. He serves for that use, to accept Christ’s righteousness al one, His blood alone for salvation- that is the sum of the gospel. When the soul, in all duties and distress, can say, “Nothing but Christ, Christ alone, for righteousness, justification, sanctification, redemption” (I Cor. 1:30); not humbling, not duties, not graces; that soul has got above the reach of the billows.

Do not legalize the gospel, as if part remained for you to do and suffer, and Christ were but half a Mediator and you must bear part of your own sin, and make part satisfaction. Let sin break your heart, but not your hope in the gospel.

Look more at justification than sanctification.

You can find Honey Out of the Rock here.

I do hope you’ll read this book. I hope it helps you see just how glorious your Savior is. May it become honey out of a rock for your weary soul!



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