Ever have one of those days where your patience is tried? I mean really tried. I mean one of those days where it seems like everyone on the planet is in on the joke? Of course you have. And we should not be surprised that we have days like this because we live in a fallen, broken world. So how do we “arrest our hearts” so that we begin to see that things and people and circumstances that test our patience are actually good for us? I’ll let two people share their thoughts- George Downame and the apostle Paul.

George Downame (c.1563-1634) is one of the lesser-known Puritans but his words on patience are what you may need today:

Our Physician makes these outward blisters in our bodies, to draw out the poisonous corruption that is in our souls: and therefore let us endure what He imposes with patience, and never murmur against Him for effecting His cure; knowing that it is but childish folly to abhor the medicine more than the disease.

How often do we murmur against what Jesus brings into our life for our cure? How spiritually immature is it that we abhor the medicine (God’s sovereignty in arranging our days and situations in order to make us more like His Son) more than we abhor the disease (our selfishness, sin, etc.)?

So how do we endure difficult people, situations, etc. in order to be conformed to the image of Jesus? Let the apostle Paul help you today:

May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy… Colossians 1:11

In order to endure trials and difficulties and people and situations that test our patience, we need outside help. We need the power that emanates from God’s glorious might. Only His power can enable us to endure with patience and joy. Only the power of the Holy Spirit can enable us to endure “these outward blisters” that God imposes on us. Only the power of the Holy Spirit can help us to not abhor the “medicine” that God brings into our lives. Only the power of the Holy Spirit can enable us to see that God brings the “medicine” of trials and difficulties in order to remove the disease of sin and selfishness that permeates our hearts.

Have you thanked God for the outward blisters He has made on you?

Struggling to give thanks for God-ordained blisters,


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