In the Serious Apprehension of the Gospel

I’m currently reading Christian Love by Hugh Binning (1627-53), one of the Puritans. His story is fascinating. He graduated from the College of Glasgow in 1646 at the age of 19 and was shortly thereafter named the chair of Philosophy at the college. He was ordained in 1650 and pastored a church for 3 years before his death at age 26. During this time Binning preached a series of 40 sermons from Romans 8:1-15 called “The Sinner’s Sanctuary.” At the age of 26, I don’t think I was qualified or capable of preaching 40 sermons from Romans 8:1-15! Three of these sermons are included at the end of Christian Love.

In “Sermon 37” (I love the title!) Binning explains how constant Gospel rehearsal provides the rest that we need when our hearts condemn us:

Therefore to the end that you whose souls are once pacified by the blood of Christ, and composed by his word of promise, may so enjoy that constant rest and tranquility as not to be enthralled again to your old fears and terrors, I would advise to you…

1. That ye would be much in the study of that allowance which the promises of Christ afford. Be much in the serious apprehension of the gospel, and certainly your doubts and fears would vanish at one stroke of such a rooted and established meditation. Think what you are called to, not to fear again, but to love rather, and honor him as Father.

Be much in the serious apprehension of the Gospel, my friends. Think about it. Read about it. Talk about it. Blog about it. Tweet about it. Keep dwelling on God’s amazing love for sinners. There’s nothing more rewarding and beneficial to a Christian. I promise.



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