Benji Magness
I am married to Heather and we have six kids. You would watch our reality show, if we had one. There’s never a dull moment. I am the Senior Pastor at Grace in Santa Maria, CA. I attended Dallas Seminary where I earned a masters in theology {Th.M} in Old Testament and Pastoral Ministries.

You can find my sermons here:



You can find me on Twitter here: @BenjiMagness


  1. Anybody who links Victor Wooten on JT’s blog, and writes up Matisyahu, ought to know about the Piamenta Band. Check out this link, etc.

    (And Wooten’s “Amazing Grace” is … amazing!)


  2. David,
    Thanks for the link. Never heard of these guys but I LOVE IT! right up my alley. Much appreciation coming your way to the UK.

  3. benoni-bar-lanny

    this is charlie west!! how you been man? i checked our your pics and stuff..i am glad you are prospering. i am a church planter in central florida. if you get a second drop me a line at abramsboy@yahoo.com or myspace.com/charliewestrawks

    peace buddy


  4. charlie!
    how did you find me? i was just on your myspace 3 days ago trying to track you down! I’ll email you soon!

  5. “url” is the name given to many rednecks across the state of texas…

    for instance:

    “url, you gonna eat the rest of these pork rinds? ’cause i’m hungrier than a mule in the pettin’ zoo at the state fair…”

  6. It’s coming! Love the name…let us have a moment of silence for her…may she rest in peace…the Texas snow has seen none other like her since…

  7. Is this the Benji Magness who co-led a Teen Mania trip to Ghana in 1996? Wow…google is amazing. This is Wendy Davidson, messing around on the internet and voila! Your blog sounds interesting, I’ll have to look around! Hope you are well….

  8. Wendy!!!!!! Wait, we need some background music here:

    “Goergia, Georgia….”

    I just thought of you the other day! We need to talk, catch up, etc.
    I’ll email you…

  9. Your blog seems far too halcyon for its own good, so let’s have some fun…
    And interesting quandary, certainly by no means original, but I’d like to observe how you respond to it: A casual glance at the Judeo-Christian characteristics of god notices that adjectives such as omnipotent, omnipresent, transcendent, infinite, and the greatest superlative that could ever be conjectured by human consciousness are general descriptors of the said deity. Ergo it could be assumed that “god” even in the smallest degree could never truly be understood by human minds since “god” is by definition infinitely more than whatever could be thought of him. So then how can having a “close personal relationship with god” (to quote a popular protestant adage) even begin to be conceivable? To analogize my point in the concrete a bit, I will relate Starbucks, in all its corporate capitalistic splendor, to “god”, but only what humans can conceive is to be represented by a milk thermometer. Now, the milk thermometer has been observed by humans for thousands of years, it has had many sacred texts written about it, countless hordes of followers, wars waged in its name, nations founded on its precepts, and many an art major getting a master’s in “thermometerology”. But the thermometer is only a minute part of the true divine entity of Starbucks, even though humans cannot comprehend it. How then, can such conviction and moral fortitude be taken from such a small part of a infinitely more massive whole? Moreover, it begs the further question that since humans comprehend such a small aspect of “Starbucks/god”, how can anyone be certain that humans have not totally misinterpreted meanings and reasons of the milk thermometer. Certainly by looking at a real milk thermometer, one cannot hope to grasp the global, complex network of coffee, humans resources, advertising, charity, roasting plants, corporate headquarters, RTD’s, stock, strategic alliances, managers, mission statements, policies and laws, aprons, stores, and barista’s that constitute the Starbucks Corporation as a whole. Such is the same, except even more so, with an infinite “god”.

  10. Thanks Annie! It was nice meeting you and your family too. Thank you for coming back with your dad and mom. You did an amazing job singing! You have great voice. May the Lord continue to bless all of you!!


  11. Amazing Grey City, but you rep’ for the Country Church? Are you a city slicker or a good ol’ country boy? You are such a mystery, my good man.

    Tell me, when do we line up some espresso shots and just get jiggy with it?

  12. Oh, snap! Ben Moore bringin’ the darkness to the table. It’s all about the Benjamins….Soon, and very soon my reggae-liscious friend. I had 4 shots of espresso for breakfast this morning. Reminded me of working the bar with you at Starbucks and jammin’ some reggae {insert whole world shout out here}…Precious memories indeed.

  13. Thanks for the post. Stand Strong at Country Bible Church. Give ’em God, full of His own innate glory, completely enamored with Himself, wholly unsoiled by sin, unmade, unformed, infallible, supremely precious, absolutely righteous, completely self-sustained and self-sufficient before revealing His manifestative glory to all He would create in Genesis 1.

    It is this God who brings tears to my eyes as I consider the full weight of His wrath poured out on His sinless Son because of the stench of my sin in His presence. It is this God whom I have been reconciled with and now experience peace through the sacrificial death of His Son. (Eph. 2:13-17) It is this God who declares that He is love, (1 John 4:8) but reminds me in the following two verses that His love was made manifest to us in that He sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

    He is the great initiator, and we are the undeserving recipients of His love and grace! How deservingly He would crush me and send me eternally away from His majestic presence if I refuse to bow to Him as a sinner in need of a Savior.

    Bullhorn guy and Rob Bell are both in error. May we never preach sin without grace or grace without repentance. May we never speak of the glories of Heaven, without also mentioning the vicious eternality of Hell. May we never preach peace without the reality of the wrath that rests on those who oppose our great and glorious King! (Eph. 2:1-3 & Rom. 2:5-8)

    So stand strong Benji! Stand strong Gunny! Give ‘em God. Give ‘em Jesus. Give ‘em hope for reconciliation with the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit. (and thanks to Dr. Jeffery Bingham for teaching us that beautiful God-Honoring, Trinitarian expression!)

  14. Great sermon Sunday :)Just wondering how you learned so much about Beringer Winery. Although I must admit quite a unique sermon illistration. You are right-on our lives are sucked dry by the world and the many distraction. Keep preachin it Rabbi!



  15. Steve,
    Thanks. I know I need to stay rooted in Christ more. One of the joys of pastoring is being able to be in the Word frequently. Of course, with this brings a constant reminder of one’s sinfulness and just how much you resemble the world and not Christ.
    We miss you guys. Hope to see you all soon…

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