Month: July 2008

wow… it’s quiet here

So… the quiet is deafening! 

I’ve been blogging here for the last couple of weeks (since my vacation to D.C.). 

Rob…? Benji…?  Where art thou?


OK… a couple of very worthy blogs I have stumbled upon in the last couple of weeks:

22 Words – blog of Abraham Piper, content manager of Desiring God

Smithmag – this is such a great place to spend a little time. The home of 6 word memoirs. 


Also, if you haven’t seen it, Twitter is the latest craze. 

Any great blogs you’ve stumbled upon lately? Are there any readers left?

Successful Ministry

Came across this quote in a book today by John Shaw to an incumbent pastor who was beginning his pastorate in 1752:

“All will be in vain, to no saving purpose, until God is pleased to give the increase. And in order to do this, God looks for their prayers to come up to his ears. A praying minister is the way to have a successful ministry.”