Month: June 2015

God Loves You Where You Are


Working on a sermon and was reminded of this gem of a quote by Jack Miller.

“God loves you where you are, not where you have been pretending to be… The last thing we want to admit is that we are weak, foolish, and sinful. But we are tense in our imagined righteousness. What we really need is just to face the truth about ourselves. When we do that, our lives have a special appeal to God and to unbelievers. God loves to hear a person cry out in heartbroken honesty, ‘Lord, I am nothing but a poor sinner. Send help quickly or I’ll die!’” {Repentance: A Daring Call to Real Surrender, p.86-87}

So glad that Jesus loves me where I am and not where I’m pretending to be. Confession: I pretend a lot. I can “do fake” real good. I can “play Christian” very well. And the One who sees through my shams loves me where I’m at. File that under “GOSPEL GOODNESS.”